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Instant Surf Leash Repair

Keep surfing

Fix a snapped leash in seconds.


Every surfer knows that sinking feeling of a ruined session after breaking their leash.

Surf ResQ gets you back out there in time for the next set. Simply take it out of its pouch on your railsaver, click in the broken ends and go.


Prior to Surf ResQ, a snapped leash meant frantic runs to the car hoping you had a spare, or risking damaging your surfboard and injuring other people if you kept surfing without one.

Huey forbid you were out at a reef pass and the boat wasn’t coming back for hours. Time for some swimming practice.

Three years of rigorous testing by surfers has changed all that. This lightweight device fits in a railsaver pouch, or your boardshorts, and creates a strong bond that will keep you in the water.

Handy at home, a must have for surf trips.

The patent pending Surf ResQ connection device is the worlds simplest temporary leash repair mechanism


The original idea for Surf ResQ began when Mike Sidebottom was dropped off by a boat to surf Middles in Bali. After just ten minutes in the water, his leash snapped.

The boat wasn’t due back for almost three hours. What followed was two and three-quarter hours of vain attempts by Mike to tie his leash back together, trying to surf without falling off, and generally failing at both.

He knew there had to be a better way.


So, Mike went home to Australia and teamed up with two of his surfing buddies, Clint Hood and Darren Waters, to help invent a device that would repair a leash as quickly and strongly as possible. It took the trio multiple prototypes and years of testing, but they finally cracked the code.

Surf ResQ reconnects the broken ends of a surf leash in just seconds, getting you back in the water before that next set can roll through without you on it.

No more frantic runs to your car hoping you have a spare, unnecessary swims to the beach, or trips where you get caught out.

Save your surf with Surf ResQ

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Surf ResQ Videos

How to activate the
Surf ResQ leash repair device?

How strong
is the Surf Resq?

How to use the
Surf ResQ storage pouch


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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t snap leashes that often, why would I need a Surf ResQ device?

Think of it like a spare tyre for your car. It doesn’t save you that often, but when it does it’s pure gold. The device is extra convenient if you’re surfing waves that are a long walk back to your car, a crazy swim back to a boat, or you’re on a trip where there aren’t any surf shops around.

You can get back out in the water in just moments, without fussing about or missing that epic set no one caught.

Will the Surf ResQ device create extra drag while I am riding a wave?

If you notice it at all, it’s very minor. The device has been made as small as possible to reduce drag, while still maintaining its strength.

How do I know that I have connected the leash to the Surf ResQ properly?

Check out the demonstration video here. It’s simple to use in or out of the water and takes seconds to connect.

Where do I store it?

The custom-designed Surf ResQ pouch attaches easily to the rail saver of your leash. Check out the demonstration video here. You can also keep it in the pocket of your boardshorts if you prefer.

How do I know it’s strong enough?

Check out our stretch test video on the website, it’s quite convincing.

Can I keep using the Surf ResQ device?

We suggest Surf ResQ as a temporary solution to prolong your surf session. Sustained use of the device over a long period could result in additional damage to the leash cord because of the force and grip required for the device to work.

Can the Surf ResQ device be used for different leash diameters?

You can use the Surf ResQ device for all leashes with a diameter up to a maximum of 7mm.

Can I re-use it on another leash?

No, the engineering required to provide the relevant connection means that once the product is activated, it cannot be reversed.

Will the Surf ResQ damage your board?

The Surf ResQ weights less than 20 grams. The guys that developed the product have been testing them for a long time now and there has been no damage to their boards.